Dear Members

Important Service Announcement

Weston Fitness has been a staple of the Center City fitness community for almost 2 decades. The memories we have made with our members are priceless. Recently, we have been under increasing pressure from our landlord to minimize sound as this has become a “distraction” and “violates other tenant’s quiet enjoyment rights” in the building. This has caused tremendous stress for both the staff and members. For those of you familiar with the unsettling relationship with our landlord, we are humbled by your support. To avoid what would otherwise be a very litigious 3.5 years remaining on our lease, we have reluctantly accepted a settlement with the landlord which means Weston Fitness will be closing at the end of January 2019.

As we recently learned about the inevitability of this settlement, we sought to partner with a Philadelphia based, established leader and provider that could offer our members great facilities and great programming.

We are excited to announce Sweat Fitness, with 7 locations in the greater Philadelphia area including the Brand New location just 5 blocks away at 1 South Broad will be honoring and servicing your Weston Fitness membership and terms effective 1/1/2019. In light of the current circumstances, we couldn’t be more excited for our members to join the Sweat Family. We have spoken at length with Sweat ownership and are confident they are committed to facilitating the best transition possible as all parties understand how a transition such as this can be difficult for everyone.

We wish you a joyous Holiday Season and we graciously thank you for being part of our family.

~Weston Fitness Ownership


Some Q & A….

What about my membership rate? - Sweat Fitness will honor your current membership for any minimum term you have.


What about classes? Your membership to Sweat Fitness includes access to regular, non-premium classes (same as at Weston Fitness)


What kind of classes does Sweat have? Glad you asked! Check out their schedule by clicking select from the location of your choice.


What about free weights and machines? Trust us, you’ll be very pleased. The weights and machines are heavy and ample.


Where is Sweat Fitness? A clickable map can be found here


Sweat has 7 locations, can I use them all? Yep!


I have private locker service. How’s that work? You will notice you have not been charged for private locker service past 12/15/18. While Sweat doesn't have laundry service, Sweat does offer towels. If you were paying for towel service at Weston Fitness, you will maintain towels services at Sweat.


Do I just scan in? That’s correct, your membership and billing agreements will transfer seamlessly to Sweat’s database. This is 100% lawful in accordance with the PA Health Club Act so everything is compliant for your protection.


Will my billing information change? Nope. Abc Financial is the billing provider for both Weston Fitness and Sweat which makes this partnership even better.


What if I have questions? Weston Fitness will be servicing your membership until 12.31.2018, following that date, your membership will be officially be transferred to Sweat and they will have access to your your membership profile to answer any questions you have. 


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